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Antonio Rodrigues is a professional outdoor and adventure photographer. Antonio is originally from Portugal and is now  based in California. Antonio has worked in London, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Angola, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South Africa  and the Middle East and was in the Service in one capacity or another, basically fighting Soviet influence in that many countries. Antonio started taking photographs and developing and printing the images he loved most since he was a teenager.  He has also been involved in journalism and photography for many years and since settling in USA has also pursued web development work, at first in corporate America and later on his own.

Antonio Rodrigues is recognized in many quarters as one of the leading freelance photographers in California. His style of photography is unique and incorporates European style reportage and modern techniques.

Creativity, an open mind, a journalistic perspective and unwavering attention to detail are some of the characteristics of Antonio's Photography.


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